Running on the beach at Point Pelee, ON.

Collaboration with composer Daniel Hindmarch. Made at AS220.

Here’s a collaboration with composer Meg Schedel, recorded at San Francisco’s Musée Mécanique, a collection of early-20th-century mechanical musical instruments.


If you search for a needle in a haystack for too long, you start to get bored, then tired, then angry. If you get angry enough, you might even throw the whole haystack away, but then you've lost the needle forever...

Data visualization collaboration with Christina McPhee.

This was created during the same Kitchen workshop that spawned The Little Bird of Disaster; the soundtrack was made with a 1960s analog computer and a brand-new upright piano.

What's a goat doing on the phone? He's illustrating one of the seven deadly sins, of course.

Blender 2.5, Animation, sound, tutorial, TOBOR


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