Face mophing animation.

faces_of_the_goddess.m1v Face mophing animation revels the manyu faces of the goddess

A mostly true story about bugs.

A lego story happened in a town named Yolk in which a skeleton attempted to take over.

Experimenting with motion tracking while my plane lands in my hometown of Huntington, WV.

A curious little fragment. I rarely work with real film; the results always surprise me.

Blender 2.5, animation, sound, tutorial, lip sync, characters, dialogue, TOBOR, robot

Yeah, everybody who's been to film school has got a scratch film, but I'm partial to this one.

This is one of a series of realtime animations we created for Jen Tsueiâs play Fantasias for the Immoderate. Two actors in microphones used the volume of their voices to control the video âpuppetsâ in a program called Isadora.

Following the story of The Scourge Of Yolk Town I,the officer of Yolk Outpost noticed that the town had been completely silent.A team of scouts was then sent to check out the town.What would be perceived?


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