An animated film from 1934 by Ub Iwerks

a little something i made out off lego, will propably be made into a series

This is another of Betty Boop's Greatest Hits. This one was found on an old hard drive from a dumped computer.

At the start of the Afghan War, I heard the title's classic Cold-War motto resurrected by Texas Congressman Dick Armey. Oddly enough, it made me think of the Lewis Carroll poem "The Voice of the Lobster," in which the Panther and the Owl sit down to negotiate an agreement. The story just seems to have a timely ring about it.

This animation was made by Yana and Dustin during a Stop-motion workshop for kids I lead at FrOSCon 2010, the German Free and Open Source Software conference. This video entered the FrOSCon Creative Contest that accept any kind of production about FROGS.

Summertime by UB Iwerks, 1935. This is one of a series of animated shorts that Iwerks did about the seasons. They are highly imaginative pictures of abstract ideas. I hope to upload other seasons soon.

A very hot and steamy episode of Off Campus, be warned! Kait and Chuck continue their secret relationship while Sam finds herself on the brink of starting a new one. Where can this all lead?

All I can say is that this one is a classic. The colors are a little faded, but any copy is better than no copy at all.

A Native American scientist demands the return of Manhattan to his native people, or he will destroy the city with his electrically produced earthquakes.


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