A felix the cat cartoon from 1927 distributed by: bijou films, inc, enuctional pictures corporation, directed by pat sullivan, produced by jacques kopfstein, animated by otto messmer.

No this one is not the Pussycat and Mouse Tom and Jerry. This one is a black and white cartoon. This one was also taken from an old 6 GB hard drive found in a dumpster. Enjoy.

Molly is a dedicated conservationist who fights for biodiversity. She rescues a bunch of butterflies after they are captured by a butterfly collector.

A classic Warner Brothers Cartoon. A fox steals a radio and begins to destroy it. Two birds ask him why he's doing it and the fox begins to tell his story.

The second in the Superman series from Fleischer Studios

Superman must save a runaway train full of gold bullion from some bad guys who are doing their level best to rob it

Superman battles a un-frozen dinosaur.

Derivative Korean animated film, definitely edited from multiple sources. Low quality entertainment.

Navy seaman Mr. Hook is convinced of the value of holding on to his war bonds


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