A gang using a rocket is terrorizing Metropolis unless their demands are met they will destroy the city.

This animation was made by 5 kids during a Stop-motion workshop for kids I lead at FrOSCon 2010, the German Free and Open Source Software conference. This video entered the FrOSCon Creative Contest that accept any kind of production about FROGS. It's produced using Free Open Source Software: Frame Capture: Luciole Editing: CinelerraCV Music: Hydrogen Operating System: Ubuntu

Classic Mel-O-Toons cartoon from 1960 about a little burro who couldn't hee-haw.

A reading of the poem “Cave Bear” by Karen Solie, with realtime graphics created in Isadora and Processing.

Collection of animated short-shorts. MP4 versions are choppy from conversion, MPEG1 is original quality.'s third attempt at stop-motion.

this is a 1935 cartoon by Ub Iwerks. It is also known as the Pincushion Man.'s second attempt at stop-motion


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