Public Domain Movies - Feature Films

BRIDE OF THE GORILLA (complete version).

horror, Voodoo, gorilla suits, Barbara Payton, Raymond Burr, Lon Chaney (Jr), Tom Conway

With a runtime of 65 minutes this is the most complete version presently available. The other version here at IA is 9 minutes shorter with a 56 minute runtime. Illicit lust, voodoo and a South American werebeast. (Okay, so it's a guy in a gorilla suit.) Stars uber-blonde Barbara Payton and Raymond Burr, supported by Lon Chaney and Tom Conway Directed by Curt Siodmak Released in 1951 a.k.a. "The Face in the Water"

RetroVision Theater Presents Swamp Fire 1946

How about a low budget classic starring not one but two jungle heroes. Yeah we got big bad Buster Crabb and Johnny Tarzan Weissmuller fighting over the hot babe in the woods. Check it out and have some laughs.

The Sphinx - 1933

Lionel Atwil, Sheila Terry, Theodore Newton, Thriller, mystery, murder, twins, secret, passageway, piano

Perennial bad guy, Lionel Atwill stars in this mystery, involving murder, a frame up, secret passageways, and a twin brother. I downloaded the source for this movie, from; and cleaned up the audio a bit.

Romance Of The Redwoods

Mary Pickford, cecil b demille, Artcraft Pictures, identity, murder, revenge, Criminal, outlaw, Vigilante, California, gold rush, silent film, Feature Film

During the California gold rush, a young woman travels to the west coast to live with her uncle. When she arrives she discovers he has been killed by the natives and his identity and property taken by a notorious outlaw.

Stars Mary Pickford
Produced and Directed by Cecil B Demille
An Artcraft Picture

The Virginian

cecil b demille, jess lasky, Paramount, famous players, silent film, Feature Film, Western, dustin farnum, silent film, Feature Film, Paramount, Jesse Lasky

Cecil B Demille's silent feature film version of Owen Wister's novel "The Virginian" starring Dustin Farnum.
A cowboy romances the local school teacher and helps apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers.

Woman In Green 720p 1945

Sherlock Holmes investigates when young women around London turn up murdered, each with a finger severed off. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot. -IMDB 720p version.

The Phantom Broadcast

dramas, melodramas, radio crooners, Ralph Forbes, Vivienne Osborne, Gail Patrick, Louise Beavers (uncredited), George Hayes

Events surrounding the murder of a phony radio star and notorious ladies' man. Stars Ralph Forbes and Vivienne Osborne. Gail Patrick, Louise Beavers and George "Gabby" Hayes have supporting roles. Directed by Phil Rosen Released in 1933 Tape-transferred complete print a.k.a. "False Fronts"

Invisible Ghost 720p 1941

The town's leading citizen becomes a homocidal maniac after his wife deserts him. Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young -IMDB 720p version.

THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES widescreen & quality upgrade

Sci Fi, Monsters, creature features, low budget, Kent Taylor

This is the original widescreen theatrical print which is significantly sharper than the 4;3 print found elsewhere at IA. An ultra-low-budget sci fi romp in which a radiation-spawned monster terrorizes a California beach, without actually showing up on the beach. He (it) does manage to sink the same rowboat three times. Will Venice Beach survive? And what about the rest of us? Directed by Dan Milner Released in 1955 complete print