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This version has better video quality, smaller download files and the correct aspect ratio. Joe E Brown as the world's worst tractor salesman comes up against Guy Kibbee as the world's most sales-resistant customer. June Travis as Guy Kibbee's daughter tries to help out. Dick Foran and Carol Hughes are interested bystanders. Directed by Raymomd Enright. Released in 1936. Complete print.

Earthworm Tractors is a 1936 American film directed by Ray Enright


  • Joe E. Brown (comedian) as Alexander Botts
  • June Travis as Mabel Johnson
  • Guy Kibbee as Sam Johnson
  • Dick Foran as Emmet McManus
  • Carol Hughes (actress) as Sally Blair
  • Gene Lockhart as George Healey
  • Olin Howland as Mr. Blair
  • Joseph Crehan as Mr. Henderson
  • Charles C. Wilson (actor) as H.J. Russell
  • William B. Davidson as Mr. Jackson
  • Irving Bacon as Taxicab Driver
  • Stuart Holmes as The Doctor
  • Frederick Schmitt as tractor driving stunt double for Joe E. Brown




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