edgars expensive has been swallowed by his neighbors chicken

edgar kennedy uses mind control to get rid of his in laws

edgar kennedy's famil goes on vacation. edgar rents his apt. in order to pay a bookie the money he ows...but edgars famil returns unexpectedly

The original French title is Sorcellerie culinaire. IMDb Page

edgar kennedy decided it would be cheaper to buy and install a new hot water heater than to call a plumber

edgar kennedy and family go to a western ghost town

The original French title is Éruption volcanique à la Martinique. IMDb Page

edgar kennedy rund for office against his mother in law

This War Department Film Bulletin explains the handling and maintaining of the standard german infantery weapons in order to enable U.S. troops to identify and, when the opportunity exists, to operate them. This movie was produced for the preparation of commandos and paratroops units for the invasion in normandy

This training film demonstrates specific techniques for landing B-24 Liberators that have sustained a wide variety of damage in differing conditions, including water landings.


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