This is a sharper and cleaner print with a smaller download file than the existing IA copy. A cute and quirky romantic comedy with a large supporting cast that makes it come alive and provides most of the fun. Directed by William Castle. Released in 1948. a.k.a. "Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven". Complete print CAST NOTE: Audie Murphy's brief walk-on was his first feature film appearance

A comic, religious baseball fantasy. Lightweight and farfetched, nevertheless the cast makes it work.

A British gangster flick with an Anglo-American cast, a balalaika band and a dance floor OSHA would never approve. In other words, there is plenty of comedy relief. Directed by Norman Lee. UK release 1939. US release 1940. a.k.a. "Murder in the Night" (US) complete print (minus a few missing frames) CAST NOTE: James Hayter is best known for playing the title role in "The Pickwick Papers." (1952)

This print is much sharper and cleaner than the existing IA copy, and it is in the correct aspect ratio. A telling spoof of instant celebrity culture and one of the thirties' great screwball comedies with a cast well suited to its whacky screenplay. Directed by William Wellman. Released in 1937. Complete print.

The women are still wild. The acting is still awful. The plot is still ridiculous. But now you can see it all more clearly and with a much smaller download file. Directed by James L Wolcott. Released in 1958. Filmed in Coral Gables and Silver Springs, FL. Complete print

Mantan Moreland and F. E. Miller are down at the heels, that is until a craps shoot wins Mantan a gambling casino. Too bad it's haunted by a family of prudish ghosts. The sequel to "Mr. Washington Goes to Town," which sadly appears to be a lost film. Directed by William Beaudine (as William X Crowley) Released in 1942. a.k.a. "Lady Luck" Tape-transferred complete print. MANTAN MORELAND MOVIES HERE AT IA:

As of 12/27/11 this is the only complete print at IA. The other versions are missing ten significant minutes. Hapless reporter Joe E. Brown falls for reluctant princess Helen Mack. Romance, adventure and slapstick ensue. Paul Kelly, Harry Davenport and Halliwell Hobbes appear in supporting roles. Directed by Edward Sedgwick. Released in 1937. complete print

Some will say this is a murder mystery. Others will claim it's an adventure. Still others will insist it's a comedy. But no one can deny this is a whacky movie. Directed by Albert Ray. Released in 1933. 2nd release edit?

A show troupe, led by Dan Dixon (Joe E Brown) and traveling in a trailer, is stranded in Paraguay. Dan is all set to be booked in the theatres controlled by Don Luis Garcia until the latter discovers Dan is the man who caused him much trouble in a muddy incident on the highway. Things go from bad to badder when local bandito Sancho Ramirez (Leo Carrillo) falls in love with one of the show girls, Charlita (Steffi Duna). Also stars Beverly Roberts Directed by Frank McDonald. Released in 1938. This was Joe E Brown's final film for David L Loew Productions. Complete print.

Legendarily awful girly exploitation flick. Cheesier than a Wisconsin dairy products expo. Features no one you will want to see again, except for the moose. So there are moose in Africa. Who knew? (Not to be confused with the "The Wild Women of Wongo"). Directed by Norman Dawn. Released in 1951. Complete print


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