I held off releasing this because like a lot of beginners and unknowns I wanted to have something that will "wow them" everytime, right off the mark, and what was this? A travelogue? It's comparitively light on the video fx, although , as always I hope it tells some sort of story independent of the audio. The song is a bit precious.It came on the heel's of "Jack's Amazing Adventure" and both are faux niaf children's tales meant to reflect the infantilization of public discourse about things that are in essence anything but the altruistic kiddie tales they are cynically portrayed as.

Starting with a Prelinger archive movie, I made a still, added some of the digital pictures I took that day,then played with every effect in my editing software (VideomagixDeluxe 2.0), and repeated and mixed one phrase over and over to it.

Presumably a sponsored film commissioned by Montgomery Ward, but no further information is available since the title and end credits are missing. A recreation of a marketing class where the history of mass production is discussed as it relates to the department store industry (with a heavy focus on Montgomery Ward's history). Full version available at: 0648 PA8725 Unidentified: American Fashion and Department Stores: The Pro-Mass Production View

artistic approach to remixing films about deviant behavior taken from the prelinger archive. Thanks Rick!

Policeman encourages street vendors to move on at a market in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Preserved by the Library of Congress from a paper print.

Views of the "World of Tomorrow."

Chapter 1 of the 1937 Dick Tracy Movie Serial

Years ago I had Lasik corrective surgery done at Mitchell Eye Centre (Calgary). They had a VCR set up to record eye operations so I asked them to record mine. This is off a VHS master. There is no audio.

Stock. Night. An ambulence passes by with sirens on. It is followed by a police car. Was shot around 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. 2004-06-06. Someone spotted this in "Don't Drink and Pork" and asked for the raw footage. This is a very early video of mine.

Ray 'Crash' Corrigan, a recent graduate of Annapolis, travels with Professor Norton, his Son Billy, and plucky reporter Diana Compton to the Undersea Kingdom of Atlantis to locate the cause of series of earthquakes. When they arrive Crash and his friends become embroiled in battle between warring Atlanteans.


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