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Lakeside Fun at Camp Paradise


I held off releasing this because like a lot of beginners and unknowns I wanted to have something that will "wow them" everytime, right off the mark, and what was this? A travelogue? It's comparitively light on the video fx, although , as always I hope it tells some sort of story independent of the audio. The song is a bit precious.It came on the heel's of "Jack's Amazing Adventure" and both are faux niaf children's tales meant to reflect the infantilization of public discourse about things that are in essence anything but the altruistic kiddie tales they are cynically portrayed as. In the case of "Jacks Adventure" it was about the cult of the CEO and in "Lakeside Fun" about the benefits of, er, "unrestrained free market capitalism." So "Lakeside Fun" is very traditional, like certain cartoons ofthe 30's the protagonist dreams of a place where the horrors of his present life are replaced by beauty, nature, limitless food, comfortable beds, etc. But I didn't want to get too heavy handed with the polemic, besides which there is the truth that nature is still around us, if we take the time and effort to experience it. Anyway the vid is kinda laid back and non pyschedelic but I think there's a place for that sortof thing too.


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