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Flirting With Fate (1938)


A show troupe, led by Dan Dixon (Joe E Brown) and traveling in a trailer, is stranded in Paraguay. Dan is all set to be booked in the theatres controlled by Don Luis Garcia until the latter discovers Dan is the man who caused him much trouble in a muddy incident on the highway. Things go from bad to badder when local bandito Sancho Ramirez (Leo Carrillo) falls in love with one of the show girls, Charlita (Steffi Duna). Also stars Beverly Roberts Directed by Frank McDonald. Released in 1938. This was Joe E Brown's final film for David L Loew Productions. Complete print.

Flirting with Fate is a 1916 American film directed by Christy Cabanne.


In a desperate, but not-too-courageous, attempt to end his life, a man hires a murderer to do the job for him. Soon, though, things are looking better and he must now avoid the hit.


  • Douglas Fairbanks as Augy Holliday
  • W.E. Lawrence as Harry, Augy's Friend
  • Jewel Carmen as Gladys, the Girl
  • Dorothy Haydel as Phyllis, Her Chum
  • George Beranger as Automatic Joe
  • J.P. McCarty as The Detective

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