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Flirting with Fate


From IMDb: In the midst of an emotional depression, a man hires a murderer to kill him. But the despair soon passes, and the man must now escape the killer he's hired to end his life. Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, W. E. Lawrence, Jewel Carmen, Dorothy Haydel, George Beranger, and J. P. McCarty

Flirting with Fate is a 1916 American film directed by Christy Cabanne.


In a desperate, but not-too-courageous, attempt to end his life, a man hires a murderer to do the job for him. Soon, though, things are looking better and he must now avoid the hit.


  • Douglas Fairbanks as Augy Holliday
  • W.E. Lawrence as Harry, Augy's Friend
  • Jewel Carmen as Gladys, the Girl
  • Dorothy Haydel as Phyllis, Her Chum
  • George Beranger as Automatic Joe
  • J.P. McCarty as The Detective

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