Educational film about how steel is used to make highways, including problems that occur with time and use.

0648 PA8725 Unidentified: American Fashion and Department Stores: The Pro-Mass Production View

Identification of human vs. animal blood, stains through chemical tests - scientists, labs, chemists, rabbits, experiments, blood, nurses, lab technicians, microscopes, test tubes, etc.

PA8640 Mechanical Engineering at duPont

Industry on Parade: A Pictorial Review of Events in Business and Industry, produced weekly by the National Association of Manufacturers. 0590 PA8201 Industry on Parade: Plastic Age Anniversary

Silent film version of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe, directed and produced (and starring) M.A. Wetherell. In three parts.

Nighttime action at an outdoor rodeo, shot on a cross-country road trip.

World Travelogue sponsored by Coca-Cola. 0731 PA8798 Wonderful World

Kodachrome footage of the San Francisco World's Fair, held on Treasure Island.


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