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Charlie Chaplin's "The Rounders"


Charlie Chaplins 26th Film Released Sept 07 1914

The Rounders is a 1914 comedy short starring Charles Chaplin and Roscoe Arbuckle. The film involves two drunks fighting with their wives who then go out to get even drunker, and was written and directed by Charles Chaplin.


  • Charles Chaplin as Reveller
  • Roscoe Arbuckle as Charlie's Neighbor
  • Phyllis Allen as Charlie's Wife
  • Minta Durfee as Roscoe's Wife
  • Al St. John as Bellhop/Waiter
  • Jess Dandy as Diner
  • Wallace MacDonald as Diner
  • Charley Chase as Diner
  • Billy Gilbert (silent film actor) as Doorman in blackface (uncredited; controversial)
  • Cecile Arnold as Hotel Guest (uncredited)
  • Dixie Chene as Diner (uncredited)
  • Edward F. Cline as Hotel Guest in Lobby (uncredited)
  • Ted Edwards as Cop (uncredited)
  • William Hauber as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Edgar Kennedy in Bit Part (uncredited)

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