Tensions mount when a film director must call back his cast, a year later, to record a commentary for a film no one believed in. As luck may have it, the film is host to critical acclaim, and one of the unknown actors has just skyrocketed to fame. Now the truth can be revealed as we take a look behind the scenes of a cast and crew commentary.

A pretty useless video I put together, consisting of excerpts from 1950s daytime commercials with the sound removed, in order to demonstrate that such ads can be used in video projects. However, this video itself cannot be used for such video due to heavy compression. The footage is drawn from my section "Classic TV Commercials uploaded by Emperor". I hope this isn't the worst thing ever uploaded. The footage is presented "straight".

Kate Grimwood is a PhD student researching the chemical forensics of fire in the Science faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney. She spoke to Shannon Jones about her research into flashover and toxic fumes

A New Image Production.

"The Ancient Landmark" -- a televised Bible study hosted by Jarrod Jacobs. This study is based on John 3, and the meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus.

The Green Hornet movie serial Chapter 2: Thundering Terror

Everything you didn't want to know about rubber boots, with Conrad Nagle, Drew Pearson and Bootman, Leonard Rochell.

A group of peopple wakeup in a strange place.

Professor Michael Cortie of the School of Physics and Advanced Materials in the Faculty of Science, at the University of Technology, Sydney spoke to Shannon Jones about the uses of gold nano-particles.


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