"Family Health" A filmstrip presentation produced in 1960 by the U.S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization for use in the "Home Preparedness Workshops" held in local communities. Target audience was the average American housewife and homemaker of the period. This is number 4 in a series of 5 filmstrips made by the OCDM for use in the Home Preparedness Workshop. Audio soundtrack was provided on a 12" vinyl LP. Running time: 14:36.

An Unaired commercial for Novatel and I am the shop keeper.

The Magic Of The Atom, No. 031, Atomic Energy For Space.

Stars arrive for the premiere of The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Nazis try to control african tribes but 2 americans and british intelligence interrupt their plans.

Jean Tierney & Clifton Webb left on the cutting room floor. Part of this scene was used in the trailer. None of it was used the released version of "Laura."

This is a copy of the same film on IA. Noise filtered to 30%, audio raised 6Db, frame resized, cropped and sharpened, contrast, brightness,hue and saturation adjusted, fade on start. Some audio noise artifacts. Encoded with X-Vid, @ 320 X 240.

This is a short movie about the mysterious power of a pair of glasses. Link Starbureiy co-wrote this along with Christian Ackerman (who also is responsible for the end credits) in May of 2006 as an MCAT Movie Club production. It was written and filmed in downtown Missoula, Montana (starting at the MCAT studio) in a single day. The film was edited over a period of a few days (Link Starbureiy's first big editing gig). Something like 16 minutes was cut down to 5 minutes. Anyway, here is our movie.

12 chapter Mascot serial, Kit leads a group carrying a large gold shipment across the wild West. the Mystery Riders want a government shipment of gold carried by the wagons. Will Kit prevent them from finding and carrying away the gold?


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