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The Electric House


The Electric House starts with Buster's graduation ceremony as the first of his comic misfortunes, including a mix-up of diplomas so Buster receives a diploma in electrical engineering. This leads to a job opportunity: electrifying the family house of the girl he's sweet on. A great chance, so Buster studies hard and soon installs a useful and impressive set of electric appliances.

The Electric House is a 1922 American short film comedy film directed by and starring Buster Keaton.< name="silentera"></>


Keaton plays a botany student who is accidentally awarded an electrical engineering degree. He then attempts to wire a home using many gadgets. The man to whom the degree should have been awarded then exacts revenge by rewiring those gadgets to cause mayhem.


  • Buster Keaton - (as 'Buster' Keaton)
  • Virginia Fox - Girl (uncredited)
  • Joe Keaton - Extra (uncredited)
  • Louise Keaton - Extra (uncredited)
  • Myra Keaton - Extra (uncredited)
  • Joe Roberts - Homeowner (uncredited)


During the original scheduled shooting of the film in 1920, Keaton suffered a broken leg filming a sequence with the electric staircase. The project was shelved, and then re-done entirely. The known version today is actually the second version filmed, no copies of the original footage from 1920 are known to exist.

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