Produced by Cinefonics, Inc (a division of Cook Research Laboratories) and based on Engineering and Systems Integration Studies by Cook Research Laboratories. Written and Produced by Charles O. Probst, Directed by Ronald S. Klein. Opening title card: The purpose of this film is to illustrate a method to design, develop and test integrated displays and controls in accordance with MIL-P-25996. Obviously specific procedures vary according to contracts and projects. For further details contact Flight Control Laboratory, Wright Air Development Center.

Bohemian Club members relax and line up for a meal at the Bohemian Grove encampment.

Report on Metropolitan Insurance business operations for 1947. PA9071 Pages From an Open Book 16 Koda print

Report on Metropolitan Insurance business operations for 1947. PA9071 Pages From an Open Book 16 Koda print

A Right to Health, Neighborhood Health Centers in Profile. A Production of Professional Arts, Inc. in San Mateo, CA for the Office of Health Affairs and Office of Economic Opportunity. Directed and Produced by David W. Parker, PhD, Written by Parker and William J. Bicknell, M.D., shot and edited by Peter P. Drowne, narrated by Earle Marsh, M.D. 0726 PA8850 Right to Health, A 16mm faded color

Interview with Jam Handy (1886-1983), pioneer producer of sponsored and industrial films. The program, hosted by WWJ-TV host Bob Leslie, has low sound level throughout, but is included here because of its historical importance.

Are you making a video project of a political nature? You may find a use for this 5-second animated shot of flag-draped coffins falling from above in large numbers. This shot is staged in front of a green background with no antialiasing, so it may be composited fairly easily from the 640X480, 30 fps progressive, high-bitrate MPEG 2 file you see at your left. The only file uploaded here suitable for compositing is the MPEG. The other formats are automatically created by the Prelinger Process, and they will be small, overly compresssed, and not useful.

0663 PA8643 These Are My People from 037.07; Columbia Gas System 1959

Presumably a sponsored film commissioned by Montgomery Ward, but no further information is available since the title and end credits are missing. A recreation of a marketing class where the history of mass production is discussed as it relates to the department store industry (with a heavy focus on Montgomery Ward's history). 0648 PA8725 [Unidentified: American Fashion and Department Stores: The Pro-Mass Production View] 16 Koda print; no main title; 0:22:05

The US Department of Art & Technology promotes the ideal of a new era of international dialogue between the arts and government to help establish a peaceful, more culturally-engaged world, and to redefine the role of the artist as a mediator whose reflections, ideas, sensibilities, and abilities can take significant action on the world stage.


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