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Flag-Draped Coffins Falling

Are you making a video project of a political nature? You may find a use for this 5-second animated shot of flag-draped coffins falling from above in large numbers. This shot is staged in front of a green background with no antialiasing, so it may be composited fairly easily from the 640X480, 30 fps progressive, high-bitrate MPEG 2 file you see at your left. The only file uploaded here suitable for compositing is the MPEG. The other formats are automatically created by the Prelinger Process, and they will be small, overly compresssed, and not useful. You may want to download them for previewing only. If you are proficient with adequate compositing software, you will be able to overcome the "squirrel noise" compression artifacts visible in this MPEG 2 file. Lightly-compressed AVI and Quicktime files were simply too large to be practical. You may use this shot freely, no attribition required. It's public domain, free for everybody forever!


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