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West of Hot Dog

West of Hot Dog is a 1924 American comedy film starring Stan Laurel.
Stan's stagecoach is robbed on his way to Hot Dog for the reading of his uncle's will. Every time he raises his hands his pants fall down. The robbers ride off and Stan tries to drive "Little Mustard" home. The stagecoach horses run off and the stagecoach stands still.
The next day at the lawyer Jones's office, tenderfoot Stan learns that he inherits everything including a saloon. If he dies, the estate goes to the two outlaws who have thrown him out the second story window twice. Tenderfoot Stan goes to his saloon only to see a poker player shot and the place robbed.
Stan jumps on to Bad Mike's horse backward but manages to ride out of town. The horse takes Stan to Bad Mike's house. Mike and his henchmen arrive with the loot. They keep trying to shoot Stan but keep killing one another. The Sherriff and the posse arrive by car. Stan captures Mike and the Sherriff arrests him.. Now the girl has interest in Stan but he walks off.


  • Stan Laurel - Stan, a tenderfoot
  • Julie Leonard - Little Mustard - Sheriff's Daughter (uncredited)
  • Lew Meehan - (uncredited)

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