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The Big Chance


Frankie (John Darrow), a young prizefighter, wins a fixed boxing match as part of a crime boss's (Matthew Betz) plan to have him build up a following and then have him throw a championship fight. Later, while training, Frankie meets Mary (Merna Kennedy) as she is going to church with her family, and he begins a romance with her. The crime boss orders Frankie to stay away from Mary, while continuing to arrange for Frankie to win more fights. Just before Frankie's fight with the champion, he and the boss have an argument. Their plans to fix the fight are overheard by Mary's young brother (Mickey Rooney), which soon leads to a tense situation.

The Big Chance is a 1933 American film directed by Albert Herman.


  • John Darrow as Knockout Frankie (Rocky) Morgan
  • Merna Kennedy as Mary Wilson
  • Natalie Moorhead as Babe
  • Mickey Rooney as Arthur Wilson
  • Matthew Betz as Flash McQuaid
  • J. Carrol Naish as Undetermined Role (scenes deleted)
  • Hank Mann as Tugboat
  • Frank LaRue (actor) as John Wilson
  • Virginia True Boardman


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