A pretty useless video I put together, consisting of excerpts from 1950s daytime commercials with the sound removed, in order to demonstrate that such ads can be used in video projects. However, this video itself cannot be used for such video due to heavy compression. The footage is drawn from my section "Classic TV Commercials uploaded by Emperor". I hope this isn't the worst thing ever uploaded. The footage is presented "straight".

Everything you didn't want to know about rubber boots, with Conrad Nagle, Drew Pearson and Bootman, Leonard Rochell.

"The dream of Dr. Robert Goddard, the father of rocketry, is explored and examined through reminiscences of Mrs. Esther Goddard. Included in the film are historic scenes of Dr. Goddard's early experiments and the personal commentary of Mrs. Goddard."
National Archives Identifier:     45003

A short subject featuring a Groucho-like character who normally cheats at card games. Stars Ray Diorio, Ray Ross and Bruce Seigel. Produced by Ken Tusar.

Music video that shows the power of love and family

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National Archives Description: "DRAMATIZED TRAINING FILM: Shows how officers may or may not enter premises with or without a search warrant and illustrates effects of violation of rules, elements of compliance, and conditions of breaking and non-application of rules." National Archives Identifier: 12139 Part 2 is here: FORCIBLE ENTRY: EXCUSE AND TRICKERY. Part Two (1974)

The News Parade of 1935

Scatter Radar: Space Research From The Ground


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