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Charlie Chaplin's "The Fatal Mallet"


Charlie Chaplin's 15th Film Released June o1 1914

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The Fatal Mallet is a 1914 in film United States-made motion picture starring Charles Chaplin and Mabel Normand. The film was written and directed by Mack Sennett, who also portrays one of Chaplin's rivals for Normand's attention (Sennett and Normand were offscreen lovers during this period).
The Fatal Mallet is one of more than a dozen early films that writer/director/comedienne Mabel Normand made with Charles Chaplin; Normand, who had written and directed films before Chaplin, mentored the young comedian.


Three men will fight for the love of a charming girl. Charlie (in famous tramp guise) and one other suitor (unusually played by Mack Sennett himself) teams up against the third, and play dirty, throwing bricks and using a mallet. However, Charlie double-crosses his partner, thus losing his trust and the girl in the end.


  • Charles Chaplin - Suitor
  • Mabel Normand - Mabel
  • Mack Sennett - Rival suitor
  • Mack Swain - Another rival

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