Presented by: U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service and Bureau State Services. Produced by the Communicable Disease Center in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Muscogee Health Department. 0647 PA8739 Babies and Breadwinners

Kodachrome home movie of a 1950s family's trailer travels to key U.S. tourist destinations.

This film appears MOS, but originally had sound and was produced and narrated by the radio world travel radio commentator Deane Dickason. Interesting silent portrait of cultural life in the East Indies during Dutch colonialism. PA8530 Coveted East Indies, The 16mm Koda travelogue, 2 reels, ca. 1938-39

The Atlanta Board of Education and the International Film Bureau present Facts about Film. Produced by Phototronics, Inc.

Early sound film featuring comedian Eddie Cantor. From the AFI/Maurice Zouary Collection at the Library of Congress. Copied at 24 fps from a 35mm print.

Official film of early Soap Box Derby competition in Akron, Ohio; tribute to ingenuity of the American Boy.

Daily life in a South Dakota town during the Great Depression, shot by Ivan Besse. This is from 0693_HM_Ivan_Besse_collection_Britton_South_Dakota_1938-39_Reel_3_10_00_53_00

Director John Huston, while a member of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in 1943, creates an Academy Award winning documentary, which he narrates with assistance from his actor father Walter, treating of the Armed Forces' successful effort to prevent the fall of the Aleutian Islands to advancing Japanese troops who had captured several islets.

This movie was created initially for a challenge posed by It uses clips from the film "Night of the living Dead", and "Amid the Dead". Both of these films were acquired from This film is an amusing instructional video on how to survive a zombie epidemic. The majority of the footage is taken from the other films mentioned, but the witty voice-over narrative is what makes this video a must see. Who knows, the information in this film may just save your life...


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