Documentary of the US efforts to take Italy by acclaimed director John Huston. The US Army which commissioned the film refused to show it because it was too honest in its portrayal of the high cost of battle and the difficulties faced.

"Through the history of mankind, the times most recorded in mythology and song are those of great deed and fantastic adventures. Such a tale is the story of, "Thexus - The Last Man." Rynado warrior Thexus is called upon by the mystical spirits of the Cas'Lu forest to find an ancient artifact known as the Dragon's Tear. Forged from the bones of an evil king and boiled in blood, the magical idol would render the man who possesses it invincible. But, beyond the realms of the forest, a savage murder is committed by an evil Vanir Raider named Veldar.

JC Penney Company, Inc. produced sponsored film about textiles and quality control. 0554 PA8308 Quality Control in Modern Merchandising 022.08

0740 PA9002 Letter From an Airline Pilot

Daily life in a South Dakota town during the Great Depression, shot by Ivan Besse.

Describes the interdependence of science and agriculture in modern life. Explains how the soy bean was cultivated in China and then introduced in the United States. Describes the plant's characteristics and its value to soil conservation. Produced by Erpi Classroom Films, Inc. in collaboration with W.L. Burlison, Ph.D, University of Illinois.

Daily life in a South Dakota town during the Great Depression, shot by Ivan Besse. This is from the beginning of 0693_HM_Ivan_Besse_collection_Britton_South_Dakota_1938-39_Reel_3_10_00_53_00

Army-Navy Screen Magazine #43: "a pictorial report from all fronts for the armed forces only." Produced by the Army Information Branch, Army Pictorial Services, Air Forces and the Navy Department. This installment of the series deals with the G.I. Bill of Rights (Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944) after World War II, with extensive voiceover narration about the history of the bill, with archival footage of soldiers returning home after World War I and reenactments of soldiers receiving the benefits of the bill.

AMEDD Office Basic Course, LP # 44 150 502 00 on Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. The year is unknown, but the lecturing officer speaks repeatedly of psychological tactics used on POWs during the Korean War, and gives many specifics and insights about the types of situations that these soldiers encountered. A list of six articles is discussed that provide a framework for future soldiers dealing with these situations.


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