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Strange People


Strange People is a 1933 American mystery film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring John Darrow, Gloria Shea and Hale Hamilton.

John Darrow as Jimmy Allen - the Auto Salesman
Gloria Shea as Helen Mason - the Secretary
Hale Hamilton as J.E.Burton - the Attorney
Wilfred Lucas as John Davis
J. Frank Glendon as Robert Crandall - the Butler
Michael Visaroff as Edwards - the Caretaker
Jack Pennick as The Plumber
Jerry Mandy as Tony Scabolotto - the Barber
Lew Kelly as Smith - the Insurance Agent
Jane Keckley as Mrs. Reed - the Seamstress
Mary Foy as Mrs. Jones - the Housekeeper
Frank LaRue as Kelly
Stanley Blystone as Al Burke
Walter Brennan as The Radio Repairman

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