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Little Lord Fauntleroy


In late nineteenth century Brooklyn, Ceddie Errol, the young son of an American woman and a late Englishman finds himself the sole male heir of his paternal grandfather, the Earl of Darincourt. The Earl, who has a pronounced distate for all things American and had previously refused to have anything to do wth Ceddie or his mother, invites them to relocate to England so Ceddie be groomed to take over the family title and fortune. Will the old aristocrat, a gruff character with a stern grip on the family wealth, remake the generous and easy-going Ceddie in his image or will it go the other way around? This film is one the of the four Selznick International Pictures productions that fell in the public domain after renewal registrations were not filed timely. These are all well-made, well-acted, big budget productions and are worth a look. For reference, the other three are: Nothing Sacred (1937) A Star is born (1937) Made for each other (1939) The version uploaded here is a two-pass H264 transcoding (using HandBrake 0.9.4) of the original 3.9GB MPEG2 already existing on the archive, with the intent of making the film more accessible to people who might otherwise be discouraged by the sheer size of the original. The original print had seen better days and I haven't done any reprocessing beyond de-telecining, so be prepared for occasional dots, spots and jumpy images. Note for Microsoft Windows users Your version of Windows Media Player might not be able to handle MP4 containers such as the one offered here. If this is the case, the film can still can be played using the VLC media player or Apple Quicktime, both of which are free to download. I personally recommend VLC, as it is much more versatile and can do a better job with other formats that Windows Media Players does support. For example, VLC plays MP2 soundtracks embedded in AVI containers such as this one seamlessly, while Windows Media Player 10 just plays the video without any sound, leading some users to wrongly think that they downloaded a film with no soundtrack. External links IMDB page American Film Institute entry Wikipedia entry Under the hood: VIDEO: [H264] 706x480 24bpp 24.031 fps 1200.0 kbps AUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 128.0 kbit Original registration: LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY. Released through United Artists. 1936. 97 min., sd. From the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Credits: Producer, David O. Selznick; director, John Cromwell; screenplay, Hugh Walpole; film editor, Hal C. Kern; music score. Max Steiner. Selznick International Pictures, Inc.; ©6Mar36; LP6189. Renewal registration: none

Little Lord Fauntleroy is a 1921 American film directed by Alfred E. Green and Jack Pickford and starring Mary Pickford as both Cedric Errol and Widow Errol. The film is based on the novel Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886) by Frances Hodgson Burnett.< name=imdb></> A statue depicting Mary Pickford's role exists today on the facade of New York City's landmarked I. Miller Building.<></>

Plot summary

Cedric Errol is a poor American boy who finds out that he is the sole heir to a wealthy British earldom and thus becomes Lord Fauntleroy.


  • Mary Pickford as Cedric Errol and Widow Errol
  • Claude Gillingwater as Earl of Dorincourt
  • Joseph J. Dowling as William Havisham
  • James A. Marcus as Hobbs
  • Kate Price (actress) as Mrs. McGinty
  • Fred Malatesta as Dick
  • Rose Dione as Minna
  • Arthur Thalasso as The Stranger
  • Colin Kenny (actor) as Bevis
  • Emmett King as Reverend Mordaunt
  • Madame De Bodamere as Mrs. Higgins
  • Milton Berle (uncredited role)

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  • Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936 film) (1936)
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy, the book

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