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The Rage of Paris


An enticing French girl named Nicole(Danielle Darrieux) has no employ and without rent. She is helped by an ex-actress (Broderick) and a maitre of New York city Hotel (Mischa Auer). They are planning a plot for snare a rich hubby and catch the eyes on Bill (Louis Hayward). The scheme works and the engagement is quickly publicized in the newspapers. But Bill's friend (Douglas Fairbanks J.R) knows the true intentions and the plans may be thwarted.

The Rage of Paris is a 1938 in film Cinema of the United States comedy film made by Universal Pictures. The movie was directed by Henry Koster, and written by Bruce Manning and Felix Jackson. It won the Venice Film Festival for Special Recommendation.


  • Danielle Darrieux as Nicole de Cortillon
  • Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as James 'Jim' Trevor
  • Mischa Auer as Mike Lebedovich
  • Louis Hayward as Bill (Jerome) Duncan
  • Helen Broderick as Gloria Patterson
  • Charles Coleman (actor) as Wrigley Trevor's Butler
  • Samuel S. Hinds as Mr. Duncan
  • Nella Walker as Mrs. Duncan
  • Harry Davenport (actor) as Pops, Caretaker

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