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When Pollyanna (Mary Pickford) is orphaned, she is sent to live with her crotchety Aunt Polly (Katherine Griffith). Pollyanna discovers that many of the people in her aunt's New England home town are as ill-tempered as her aunt. But Pollyanna's incurable optimism - exemplified by her "glad game," in which she looks for the bright side of every situation - bring a change to the staid old community.

Pollyanna is a 1920 American melodrama/comedy film starring Mary Pickford, directed by Paul Powell (director), and based upon an Eleanor H. Porter Pollyanna. It was Pickford's first motion picture for United Artists. It became a major success and would be regarded as one of Pickford's most defining pictures. The film grossed $1.1 million (the equivalent of more than $10 million in 2008).</>

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