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Test Tube Babies


Released as an educational film no doubt to get around the Hays Code, this is really a sleazy exploitation film. It has some of the worst acting you'll ever see. Here's the plot from IMDb: A happily married couple has been trying to have a baby with no luck. They discover that the husband is sterile. Their family doctor suggests that they think about artificial insemination, which at the time was considered a scandalous choice. Stars: Dorothy Duke, William Thomason, and Timothy Farrell

Test Tube Babies is a 1948 in film exploitation film known by several titles. Directed by W. Merle Connell and produced by George Weiss, it is a narrative about artificial insemination with scenes of nudity and sexual promiscuity included. One scene shows the male lead character's sperm viewed through a microscope.
The film is also known as Blessed Are They (American reissue title), Sins of Love (American reissue title) and The Pill (America reissue title, recut version).


A young married couple find themselves drifting apart. Wife Cathy Bennet (Dorothy Duke) finds temporary pleasure at swinging parties or in the arms of another man, Frank Grover (John Michael). Husband George Bennet (William Thomason) confronts his wife about the widening chasm between them; she tells him she feels they are somehow incomplete without children. She undergoes testing to see why she hasn't conceived. George, who has accompanied her, is asked to also undergo testing and is found to be the problem: he is Sterility (physiology). Physician Dr. Wright (Timothy Farrell) suggests artificial insemination using a sperm donor. This proves successful and the Bennetts begin a new and happy phase of their marriage.


  • Dorothy Duke as Cathy Bennett
  • William Thomason as George Bennett
  • Timothy Farrell as Dr. Wright
  • John Michael as Frank Grover
  • Margaret Roach (here as Peggy Roach) as Cathy's mother
  • Stacey Alexander as Don Williams
  • Georgie Barton as Betty Williams
  • Mary Lou Reckow as Dolores LaFleur
  • Bebe Berto as Jerry
  • Guy Gordon as Phil
  • Helen Cogan as Grace
  • Gine Franklin as Ralph
  • Zona Siggins as Nurse Mason

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