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Mud and Sand


'Mud and Sand' is a satire on the Rudolph Valentino Classic Blood and Sand.. Stan Laurel plays the Bullfighter (Rubharb Vaseline) who wants to make it to the top and win back the girl.

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Mud and Sand is a silent film starring Stan Laurel, that was filmed in 1922 in film. Laurel plays a matador who makes a fool of a famous Spanish dancer. The dancer demands revenge and, in the end, kills the matador by throwing a concealed brick at him after a fight with the fiercest bull in Spain. The moral of the story, shown in the last scene, is: "If you want to live long — and be happy — cut out the bull!" The title spoofs the Rudolph Valentino film Blood and Sand (1922 film), and many scenes directly parody that film.


  • Stan Laurel as Rhubarb Vaseline
  • Leona Anderson as Filet de Sole
  • Wheeler Dryden as Sapo
  • Sam Kaufman as Humador
  • Mae Laurel as Pavaloosky
  • Julie Leonard as Caramel

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