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Daddy's Gone A-Hunting


Daddy's Gone A-Hunting is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Frank Borzage based upon a play by Zoë Akins, with adaptation by Kenneth B. Clarke. The film brought together Vitagraph leading lady Alice Joyce and English actor Percy Marmont after his success with If Winter Comes. This is the only film either of the main stars made for MGM. The film was remade in 1931 as Women Love Once. A print survives in the Národní filmový archiv.

Julian (Percy Marmont) is a poor artist who lives with wife Edith (Alice Joyce) and their newborn baby in Harlem. Struggling to make ends meet, he foregoes his artistic calling and draws for magazines.

Reaching his limits, Julian convinces his wife he could reach higher grounds if he were to go to Paris. He moves to Paris while his Edith works at a shop on Fifth Avenue. Each of their lives evolves differently — Edith is courted by a wealthy suitor whom she ignores while pining for her husband, while Julian fails to meet his goals in Paris, returning defeated back to New York City three years later. Their child dies, and the meeting of Julian and Edith highlight how different their routes have been.

Alice Joyce as Edith
Percy Marmont as Julian
Virginia Marshall as Janet
Helena D'Algy as Olga
Ford Sterling as Oscar
Holmes Herbert as Greenough
Edythe Chapman as Mrs. Greenough
James O. Barrows as Colonel Orth
James T. Mack as Benson (credited as James MacElhern)
Martha Mattox as Mrs. Wethers
Charles Crockett as Mr. Smith
Kate Toncray as Mrs. Smith
Barbara Tennant as Extra (uncredited)

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