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Home Town Story


Blake Washburn (Jeffrey Lynn) blames manufacturer MacFarland (Donald Crisp) for his defeat in the race for re-election to the state legislature. He takes over his uncle's newspaper to take on big business as an enemy of the people. Miss Martin (Marilyn Monroe) works in the "Herald" newspaper office. When tragedy strikes, Blake must re-examine his views.

This is one of a handful of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer productions of the 1950-1951 period whose original copyrights were never renewed and are now apparently in Public Domain; for this reason this title is now offered, often in very inferior copies, at bargain prices, by numerous VHS and DVD distributors who do not normally handle copyrighted or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer material.

Home Town Story is a 1951 American drama film directed by Arthur Pierson (director) and starring Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp, and Alan Hale, Jr.. The film features Marilyn Monroe in a small, early role. The film was backed by General Motors to promote the virtues of big business.

Plot summary

Jeffrey Lynn plays a defeated politician who takes over as editor of a small town newspaper in an effort to get himself elected. His campaign is intended to be a continuing expose of the evils of big industry, and his strategy is to publish daily investigations of industrial skullduggery and pollution. Marilyn Monroe, listed as one of the film's stars, actually plays a very small bit as Iris Martin, the shapely office secretary.
On a school outing to an abandoned mine, Jeffrey Lynn's little sister is trapped in the collapse of a mine tunnel, and the town's industries come to her rescue. After little sister is rescued and flown in a company plane to the big city, Lynn has a change of heart and recognizes that the industrial towns-people are actually doing their best to help their fellow citizens.


  • Jeffrey Lynn as Blake Washburn
  • Donald Crisp as John MacFarland
  • Marjorie Reynolds as Janice Hunt
  • Alan Hale Jr. as Slim Haskins
  • Marilyn Monroe as Iris Martin
  • Barbara Brown (actress) as Mrs. Washburn
  • Melinda Plowman as Katie Washburn
  • Renny McEvoy as Leo, the Taxi Driver
  • Glenn Tryon as Ken Kenlock
  • Byron Foulger as Berny Miles
  • Griff Barnett as Uncle Cliff Washburn
  • Virginia Campbell as Phoebe Hartman
  • Harry Harvey (actor) as Andy Butterworth
  • Nelson Leigh as Dr. Johnson
  • Speck Noblitt as Motorcycle officer


According to MGM records the film made $243,000 in the US and Canada and $91,000 elsewhere, making a profit of $195,000.< name="Mannix"/>

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