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The Lady


The Lady is a 1925 American silent drama film starring Norma Talmadge and directed by Frank Borzage.

As described in a review in a film magazine, Polly Pearl (Talmadge) English hall singer, marries Leonard St. Aubyns (MacDonald), scion of nobility. Leonard loses what little money he has left gambling in casinos. She comes to loose his love when his father (Hurst) casts him out. She ekes out a living in a dingy French cafe as a singer. The elder St. Aubyns appears to claim her baby son after the death of its father, but Polly manages to have the child spirited away by a minister's wife. Thereafter, she endeavors to find her boy, searching the streets of London, but fails. Years later, as she is telling the story of her life in a French cafe, a brawl starts between a Frenchman and an English soldier. Leonard Cairns (Hackathorne), a comrade of the Englishman intervenes but accidentally shoots his friend and is himself knocked unconscious. From his identification tag, Polly discovers that he is her son. She tries to take upon herself the blame for the accident, but her son will not have it that way. To her delight he shows himself to be a gentleman, a joy added to that of her discovery of him.

Norma Talmadge as Polly Pearl
Brandon Hurst as St. Aubyns Sr
Wallace MacDonald as Leonard St. Aubyns
Paulette Duval as Madame Adrienne Catellier
Emily Fitzroy as Madame Blanche
Johnny Fox (billed as John Fox Jr.) as Freckles
Alfred Goulding as Tom Robinson
George Hackathorne as Leonard Cairns
John Herdman as John Cairns
Ed Hubbell (billed as Edwin Hubbell) as London Boy
Doris Lloyd as Fannie St. Clair
Walter Long as Blackie
Miles McCarthy as Mr. Graves
Marc McDermott as Mr. Wendover
Margaret Seddon as Mrs. Cairns

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