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The Bashful Bachelor


The second film in the movie adaptation of Lum and Abner radio program.

The Bashful Bachelor is a 1942 American film directed by Malcolm St. Clair (filmmaker). It was the second film in the Lum and Abner film series.


Small town store owner Lum Edwards (Chester Lauck) in Pine Ridge has a thorn in his side because his partner in the Jot-em-Down general store, Abner Peabody (Norris Goff), has exchanged the store delivery car for a race track horse. And because Lum doesn't have the guts to grab the woman he is in love with, Geraldine (Zasu Pitts), and propose to once and for all, he lays a complex scheme to impress her in a fake "rescue" mission. He fails tremendously in this mission, and nearly gets everyone killed in doing so. However, he doesn't give up, but tries again, and finally succeeds in impressing her. His problems aren't over though, since his proposal, who was to be delivered to Geraldine by his partner Abner, ends up in the wrong hands when it is delivered to a very prone bachelorette, Widder Abernathy (Constance Purdy) instead. She jumps at the possibility of marrying Lum, and the game is afoot. Lum doesn't get out of trouble until the town sheriff (Irving Bacon) finds widow Widder's disappeared husband.


  • Chester Lauck as Lum Edwards
  • Norris Goff as Abner Peabody
  • Zasu Pitts as Geraldine
  • Grady Sutton as Cedric Wiehunt
  • Oscar O'Shea as Squire Skimp
  • Louise Currie as Marjorie
  • Constance Purdy as Widder Abernathy
  • Irving Bacon as Sheriff / Fire Chief
  • Earle Hodgins as Joseph Abernathy
  • Benny Rubin as Pitch Man

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