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Proud Flesh


Proud Flesh is a 1925 American silent comedy-drama film directed by King Vidor and starring Eleanor Boardman, Pat O'Malley, and Harrison Ford in a romantic triangle.

A San Francisco earthquake orphan, Fernanda (Boardman) is adopted and raised as a gentlewoman by relatives in Spain. As a girl she is courted by Don Jaime (Ford), but spurns him and returns to her gauche relatives in California. There she falls in love with a young bathtub manufacturer, Pat (O’Malley).

Eleanor Boardman as Fernanda
Pat O'Malley as Pat O'Malley
Harrison Ford as Don Jaime
Trixie Friganza as Mrs. McKee
William J. Kelly as Mr. McKee
Rosita Marstini as Vicente
Sōjin Kamiyama as Wong
Evelyn Sherman as Spanish Aunt
George Nichols as Spanish Uncle
Margaret Seddon as Mrs. O'Malley
Lillian Elliott as Mrs. Casey
Priscilla Bonner as San Francisco Girl
Joan Crawford as Bit Part (uncredited)

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