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Modern History: Franklin D. Roosevelt - Six Fireside Chats 1933-1938

These clips deal with the New Deal. They include six of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Fireside Chats on the economic policy for fighting the Great Depression. All clips are somewhat edited partial Universal Newsreels. In these recordings Roosevelt reads shortened versions of the speeches. The full texts can be found here: And, the achievements of the Roosevelt administration are discussed in this film: And, a discussion of the Roosevelts compared to recent politicians is found here: Clips: Fireside Chat 2. Outlining the New Deal Program. Sunday, May 7, 1933 Source: Fireside Chat 4. On the Currency Situation. Sunday, October 22, 1933 Source: Fireside Chat 5. Review of the Achievements of the Seventy-third Congress. Thursday, June 28, 1934 Source: Fireside Chat 6. On Moving Forward to Greater Freedom and Security. Sunday, September 30, 1934 Source: Fireside Chat 7. On the Works Relief Program. Sunday, April 28, 1935 Source: Fireside Chat 12. On Economic Conditions. Thursday, April 14, 1938 Source: Best regards Eva Vikström, Stockholm in August, 2007

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