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Lost in the Stratosphere


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Lost in the Stratosphere is a 1934 American film directed by Melville W. Brown.

Plot summary

Two United States Army Air Corpss, in the early days of military aviation, in the mid-1930s, in an era of open cockpits and biplanes, are always trying to do each other, in a friendly rivalry.
William Cagney (James Cagney's brother, in one of his few roles, in front of the cameras), as 2nd Lt. Tom Cooper, gets the nickname "Soapy", from his friend, 1st Lt. Richard "Dick" Wood, "Woody".
Unfortunately, the two are "lost in the stratosphere", when a thunderstorm takes them thousands of miles off course.


  • William Cagney Lt. Tom 'Soapy' Cooper
  • Edward J. Nugent as Lt. Richard 'Woody' Wood
  • June Collyer as Evelyn Worthington
  • Edmund Breese as Col. Brooks
  • John Mack (actor) as Sgt. Baker
  • Russ Clark as Sgt. Enfield
  • Matt McHugh as Matt O'Toole
  • June Gittelson as Gretchen
  • Lona Andre as Sophie
  • Hattie McDaniel as Ida Johnson

Home Media

The film was released on DVD on 23 August 2005.
The film is in the Public Domain; so, is also available on-line, including to download, for free, at Internet Archive.

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