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Lazybones is a 1925 American silent romantic drama film produced and directed by Frank Borzage and starring Madge Bellamy, Buck Jones, and Zasu Pitts. It opened in New York City on September 22, 1924, and received wider distribution by Fox Film Corporation during 1925.

Set around 1900, the titular Lazybones is in love with Agnes. Her sister, Ruth, returns home with a child and a story about marrying a seaman who was lost at sea. She attempts suicide by jumping in the river, but Lazybones saves her and, taking pity on the child, Kit, adopts her without revealing her true mother. Agnes and Ruth's mother is very strict and when told by Ruth of the child, strikes her with a cane. As the years pass, Ruth dies and Lazybones goes off to World War I. When he returns, intending to marry Kit now that she is grown up, he finds that she is in love with Dick Ritchie.

Buck Jones as Steve Tuttle aka Lazybones (credited as Charles 'Buck' Jones)
Edythe Chapman as Mrs. Tuttle
Madge Bellamy as Kit
Zasu Pitts as Ruth Fanning
Jane Novak as Agnes Fanning
Emily Fitzroy as Mrs. Fanning
Leslie Fenton as Dick Ritchie
William Bailey as Elmer Ballister (credited as Wm. Norton Bailey)
Virginia Marshall as Kit as a Young Girl

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