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His Double Life


A charming movie and one of the first soundies with great Lillian Gish See details here: I've used as a source and did the following: - trimmed it of 1/2 hour of the dead air in the end thus making the original 3Gb file smaller - compressed it using DivX codec thus making it even more small - normalized the sound (which originally was too low for some reason) - created and added Russian subtitles and Russian sountrack (with help of my wife who dubbed female voices) Beware that Russian and English soundtracks are #1 and #2 respectively.

His Double Life is a 1933 American comedy-drama film directed by Broadway theatrical impresario and first time film director Arthur Hopkins with directorial input from the experienced William C. deMille, Cecil's older brother. It starred Roland Young and Lillian Gish. It had been filmed before in 1921 in the silent era as The Great Adventure (1921 film) with Lionel Barrymore, and was remade again in 1943 as Holy Matrimony (1943 film). It is preserved at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and available on DVD.


Priam Farrel Roland Young is England's most famous living painter. A recluse who hates fame, he has not been seen by anyone, for years, not even his agent, or cousin. He is glad to be mistaken for his valet by everyone, including his cousin, when he returns to England. In this case of mistaken identity, he's happy to live a quiet country life with his manservant's mail order bride Lillian Gish. Until, he gets hauled into court for bigamy and fraud.


  • Roland Young as Priam Farrel
  • Lillian Gish as Alice Chalice
  • Montagu Love as Duncan Farrel
  • Lumsden Hare as Oxford
  • Lucy Beaumont as Mrs. Leek
  • Charles Richman (actor) as Witt
  • Oliver Smith as Leek Twin - John
  • Philip Tonge as Leek Twin - Henry
  • Audrey Ridgewell as Lady Helen
  • Regina DeValet as Mary


  • "Someday, Sometime, Somewhere" (Written by James F. Hanley and Karl Stark)
  • "Springtime in Old Granada" (Written by James F. Hanley and Karl Stark)

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