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Enoch Arden


Enoch Arden was made by D W Griffith in 1911. It is a 2 reeler based on a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. According to Wikipedia there was another production of this one made in 1915 which Griffith wrote and in which he played Philip Ray. Anyone have that one?

Enoch Arden is a two-part 1911 short film silent film drama film, based on the Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson poem of the Enoch Arden. It was directed by D. W. Griffith, starred Wilfred Lucas and featured Blanche Sweet. A print of the film survives in the film archive of the Library of Congress.< name="silentera"></>


  • Wilfred Lucas as Enoch Arden
  • Linda Arvidson as Annie Lee
  • Francis J. Grandon as Philip Ray
  • George Nichols (actor) as The Captain
  • Edward Dillon (actor)
  • Joseph Graybill as A Shipwrecked Sailor
  • Grace Henderson
  • Florence Lee as On the Beach
  • Jeanie Macpherson as On the Beach
  • Alfred Paget as A Shipwrecked Sailor
  • Blanche Sweet as On the Beach
  • Robert Harron as Teenage Arden Son
  • Florence La Badie as Teenage Arden Daughter
  • William J. Butler as In Bar
  • Guy Hedlund as On Rescue Ship
  • Dell Henderson as Rescuer
  • Henry Lehrman as On Rescue Ship
  • W. C. Robinson as Rescuer
  • Charles West (actor) as In Bar (as Charles H. West)

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