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Broadway to Cheyenne


Broadway To Cheyenne starts off with a bunch of big city gangsters fighting and killing each other with Detective Breezy Kildare (Rex Bell) caught in the middle. When Breezy goes out west to the ranch where he grew up he runs into the same bunch of crooks. The gangsters are offering "protection" to the local ranchers. For the rest of the movie it's cowboys and gangsters.

Broadway to Cheyenne is a 1932 American film directed by Harry L. Fraser. The film is also known as From Broadway to Cheyenne (American poster title).


  • Rex Bell as "Breezy" Kildare
  • Marceline Day as Ruth Carter
  • Matthew Betz as Joe Carter
  • Huntley Gordon
  • Roy D'Arcy as Jess Harvey
  • Robert Ellis (actor) as B.H. "Butch" Owens
  • Gwen Lee as Mrs. Myrna Wallace
  • Harry Semels as Louie Walsh
  • Al Bridge as Al (Owens henchman)
  • Rae Daggett as Rae Walsh
  • John Elliott (actor) as Martin Kildare
  • Gordon De Main as Rancher
  • George 'Gabby' Hayes as Walrus
  • Earl Dwire as Cattleman
  • Clark Gable as Brett

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