Public Domain Movies released in 1942

Chester Morris plays a radio reporter.

A Native American scientist demands the return of Manhattan to his native people, or he will destroy the city with his electrically produced earthquakes.

A meek middle-aged spinster, get mistaken for the head of the Ma Parker gang.

A gang using a rocket is terrorizing Metropolis unless their demands are met they will destroy the city.

In the fourth film of the series, Sherlock Holmes assists the inventor of a revolutionary bomb sight, Dr Tobel, to smuggle his work out of Switzerland and into England. Once in England the bomb sight pieces and the Tobel go missing, leaving Holmes and Watson with code of dancing stick figures to break before Professor Moriarty so they can find the remaining pieces of the weapon. This is a slightly better print than others available on the Internet Archive. Copyright Status: PUBLIC DOMAIN Registered under LP11561 on 31 August 1942 SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SECRET WEAPON.

Terror on the Midway August 28, 1942

December 25, 1942

The East Side Kids protect a young girl from being framed for murder.

George Pal's Puppetoon short paying tribute to the resistance of the people of Nazis occupied Holland.

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