Public Domain Movies released in 1920

Adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper novel about the American frontier during the French and Indian War.

Heading Home is a 1920 Silent feature starring Babe Ruth.

Early silent version of James Fenimore Cooper's classic story. It's not the best transfer in the world, and I couldn't find any info on this at IMDB, but according to the information I have, that's Bela Lugosi in the role of Chingachgook. If that's not Bela, it sure looks like him. Runs about 45 minutes.

Rare silent film by the maker of "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari", released the same year. Unfornately, this is a 45 minutes condensed copy of the film. more info on and on

Within Our Gates was produced and directed by Oscar Micheaux in 1919. He is considered to be the first African-American director of feature films and this is the first such film still in existence. I found the plot difficult to follow, and he does not give full play to the "money" scenes at the conclusion but it is certainly of historic interest.

Nanette Roland lives an unhappy existence in the Northwoods; her father dies leaving her no money, and her fiancee, Raoul Challoner, has gone off trapping for pelts, and has disappeared. She does not want to marry Duncan McDougall's son, Buck, until she is convinced that Raoul is dead. Buck fabricates evidence that Raoul is dead, and Nanette reluctantly agrees to marry him. She is about to be wed when Raoul returns and spirits her away from the ceremony. Raoul and Nanette are married, but Buck goads Raoul into a fight, during which one of Buck's men, Black Marat, is accidentally killed.