AMEDD Office Basic Course, LP # 44 150 100 00 Military Courtesies (1 of 2)

JC Penney Company, Inc. produced sponsored film about textiles and quality control. 0554 PA8308 Quality Control in Modern Merchandising 022.08

0586 PA8230 Winning Against Odds

0697 PA8758 Amateur Film: Northwest 16 Koda sil orig pix

Educational film about how steel is used to make highways, including problems that occur with time and use.

Title card: This film was made possible by the cooperation of: The A&P Coffee Division and the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

0740 PA9002 Letter From an Airline Pilot 16 B&W print

Travelogue, made for theatrical showing and commissioned by Cheverolet, promoting tourism by car in several Natural Parks, including Cayuga Lake in New York, Olympic National Park in Washington, Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah, and the Columbia River Highwa in Oregon. 0631 PA8632 Roads to Romance: from 013.07; 16 Koda pos comp print

Detailed documentation of the "World of Tomorrow" in beautiful Kodachrome.

0540 PA8461 Spain in Revolt 033.05


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