Early film starring Joseph Jefferson. Copied at 16 frames per second from eight 35mm prints preserved by the Library of Congress

Download the Mpeg1 version. Audio IS IN SYNC on this version, this is the one to download. MPEG1 version is the fixed versions, all the other versions at this URL are rederived versions... problems with all versions but the MPEG1 version, which is fine. The other version (at the other archive.org URL) has narration-not-synced-to-scene ("including anchor chain" comes several seconds after image of anchor chain, "conestoga wagon covered by canvas" comes before pic of wagon... in this version the scenes match the narration.

Family drama centering on Winifred's (Marion Swayne) illness from "consumption".

Rare episode of the 1950s TV show "Coke Time", which starred pop-crooner Eddie Fisher. Each episode featured him performing popular songs of the time, and usually featured a broadway star singing a song (This episode features short performance by Diahann Carroll). And yes, It also features commercials for Coca-Cola! The show aired live, and was recorded via kinescope.

The first presidential film with sound recording. Preserved by the Library of Congress from the AFI/Maurice Zouary Collection.

The film is a journey on the River Rhine in Germany. The Trip goes from Kaub via St.Goar to Cologne. Next Town is Wesel and the trip go over Elten-Babberich CBorder to Netherland) to the coast of the .Netherlands We got this movie anonymous and sent in a box by mail. It is a homemovie, probably recorded in de 30's from the last century.

"The Fighting Lady," directed by William Wyler, provides a portrait of life on a World War II aircraft carrier, a vessel that is "enormous, wonderful, and strange to us." After profiling the various activities of the soldiers' day and following the ship's voyage through the Panama Canal, the film takes the audience through a litany of actual combat engagements. The Fighting Lady participates in a strike on the Marcus Islands, then defends itself against a surprise nighttime raid by Japanese fighters.

"The Memphis Belle," directed by William Wyler, is a tribute to the crew of the United States Air Force's 324th Squadron, 91st Heavy Bomber Unit, an airplane more familiarly known as the Memphis Belle. At the beginning of the film, the Belle's crew had successfully completed twenty-four missions in the toughest theater of the air war in Europe, flying bombing raids deep into Nazi territory. Cameras accompany the Belle on its twenty-fifth mission. If the crew returns with its mission accomplished, they will qualify for release from active duty, to be sent home as teachers and heroes.

A romantic comedy on difficulty of living when you are a geek.Everybody got to find his own way to awakening.If you accept the fact that nobody win and nobody lose,you understood what life is.


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