Thick clouds move away from camera.

A spring shower falls on a crop of new silver maple leaves. Ambiance. Dolby 2.0 Stereo. 16:9 Wide Screen

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Clip begins with a dull gray morning sky. Then it gradually reddens as the first light from the sun breaks through.

Took advantage of one of the "mild" days this winter and was able to record some of my drive in to work. A bonus with this clip that you sometimes don't get is the nat. sound. Be sure to keep your speakers on when previewing.

Please visit my blog to see all of my stock video offered for Free

This clip was taken early in the morning in a very mountainous area of New York State. I was actually visiting my extended family, not really looking to get any footage. The area was beautiful and I only had one 16GB memory card on me that had the Magic Lantern Firmware. This meant that I only could come home with one time lapse (lesson learned!). This was, I think my 6th attempt at something. The previous day, I had captured a couple of cloud formations that I thought were nice. Each time I deleted the contents of the card to capture something "better".

I managed to capture this time lapse the other day on my quest to film what I call "Toy Story" clouds. While I believe I got the right conditions, the interval of 1 second between shots seemed too long considering how fast the clouds were moving. I plan on taking advantage of Magic Lantern's FPS override feature next time to try to get a much more slower, fluid, dreamy like movement. The only downside is that I will lose the RAW imaging flexibility I get from doing stills. We'll have to see how far my ND filters and polarizers can balance things.

Dark clouds gather before the rain.


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