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Episode of The March of Time released in 1945 as U.S. Army educational film # EF-221, Science In Business.
"Reel 1 briefly describes early studies and experiments in geometry, chemistry, and electricity. Shows the pyramids. Describes the melting of metal in a foundry, the machining of tungsten, use of light metals in aircraft production, the generation of electricity by sunlight, and Dr. Langmuir's experiments with oil film.

Episode of The March of Time, released as 1946 U.S. Army educational film # EF-257, Ireland.
"Reel 1 shows a panorama of the Irish countryside; castles and towns; Eamon de Valera; crowds in city streets; activities in the linen industry; riveters and welders at work in a shipyard; a celebration of the Battle of the Boyne; customs officials on the Eire-North Ireland border; farmers reaping and taking produce to a market; women spinning; a horse race; university students in a classroom; and a football game.

Episode of The March of Time released as 1945 U.S. Army educational film # EF-105, Brazil.
National Archives Identifier: 24381

Future Combat Systems Overview Department of the Army Future Combat Systems (FCS), the core building block of the Army's future Force, is a joint (across all the military services), networked (connected via advanced communications), system of systems made up of 18 individual systems, the network, and most importantly, the Soldier.

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