Tom Tyler

Phantom of the Air (1933) - Tom Tyler - 12 Chapter Movie Serial from Universal Pictures Inventor John Edmunds (William Desmond) is working on a device called the Contragrav, a machine that defies gravity and can enable a plane to fly without a pilot. He and his daughter Mary (Gloria Dea) enlist the help of airborne Border Patrol captain Bob Raymond (Tom Tyler) as a test pilot to help them complete Edmunds' work on the Contragrav. However, airborne importer (and secret smuggler) Mort Crome (LeRoy Mason) has got wind of the Contragrav, and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Phantom (1943) is a Columbia Pictures 15 chapter serial starring Tom Tyler in the title role. The serial is based on Lee Falk's comic strip The Phantom. The serial also features Jeanne Bates as the Phantom's girlfriend Diana Palmer, and Ace the Wonder Dog as the Phantom's trusty German shepherd Devil (who is a wolf in the original comic). Professor Davidson plans an expedition to find the Lost City of Zoloz. The location of the city is contained on seven pieces of ivory, three of which Davidson already possesses.

The Adventures of Captain Marvel is a 1941 twelve-chapter film serial directed by John English and William Witney for Republic Pictures and produced by Hiram S. Brown, Jr. The serial was adapted from the popular Captain Marvel comic book character then appearing in Fawcett Comics publications such as Whiz Comics and Captain Marvel Adventures. It starred Tom Tyler in the title role of Captain Marvel and Frank Coghlan Jr. as his alter ego, Billy Batson. Also starring William Benedict, Louise Currie, and Robert Strange.

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